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"These points tie into a central point that we must develop and plan for the growth that is coming in a way that will be beneficial to our community and its future. As a parent of three, I am determined to leave behind a thriving and beautiful community that has prepared itself for the future for generations to come."

                                                                                                                   - Wes Golden

Responsible Growth

One of the single biggest issues the next Mayor of Montgomery County will face is the disappointing state of our infrastructure. In the past we have built and repaired our infrastructure with a focus on the present, often ignoring the next five, ten, or twenty years. Our community is growing, and that inevitable growth must be well managed. As your next Mayor, it will be my top priority to develop in cooperation with the County Commission and City Mayor/Council a responsible plan to manage and prepare for future growth and to bring our roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure to a level that will be a model for the state.


Ensuring that we begin to invest properly into our children’s future will also be a central priority as your next Mayor. Investing in the next generation of school campuses that meet our future needs and the security of our children is essential. We will set goals to eliminate the pods/trailers that are separate from the main facility for numerous reasons, including safety and security.  

Public Safety

We must continue to support our public safety.  With my public safety background, I fully understand the importance of investing in our public safety departments.  Without strategic planning, growth can bring an increase in crime while overloading our 911 center, EMS, fire services and Sheriff’s office.  The County Commission has recently invested in a new training facility requested by our Sheriff, and I intend to carry this model forward with other emergency services. 

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